Do you guys run an AI when using SD or UD by themselves?

  1. Do you guys run an AI when using SD or UD by themselves?

    neither superdrol nor methylsten aromatizes but since they can upregulate estrogen by binding strongly to the SHBG, is it really that much of an issue to worry about? could this have the same effect that a compound that aromatizes does? if its not a big deal id rather not throw one in on cycle since neither of them aromatize and have my estrogen crushed and suffer from no libido and sore as hell joints. any opinions?


  2. Haven't used either, but based on everything I've read the wisest course of action seems to be to have an AI at the ready but don't use it unless you see estrogen-related sides popping up.

  3. my awnser is no. in my experiences with both compounds they are super dry and for my joints sake and the lethargy i want all the estrogen i can get. ive never heard of anyone getting gyno on cycle only rebound gyno in the begining of pct. so id save the ai for pct. u should always have all ancilaries on hand however incase u expereince sides and or decide to abort the cycle

  4. It's personal preference. If the cycle is strong and or long, an AI may be beneficial. If you develop symptoms of high estrogen, use an AI. If you develop no symptoms, don't use the AI.



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