Stacking with this ph

  1. Stacking with this ph

    i currently have a ph of 2-cyano-17a-methyl-17b-acetoxy-5a-androst-2-ene. i want to know if i can stack it with testpowder,con-cret,aakg and tribx90. i understand it is a mimic of superdrol and should be treated like it. has anyone tatken this stuff andwhat kind of results have been seen from it. and whats to best pct i should take.

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  2. Looks like cynostane...doubt its as strong as guessing this will be one of ur first runs since u ask abt pct? Whats ur stats

  3. Yeah 230lbs 15percentish bf. I have never done this stuff before. The vender said his guys are getting 8-10 lbs of lean mass.

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  4. Whats ur age...nice weight man..well u should expect lean gains from this does have superdrol properties and is low androgenic doesnt u dnt need those test boosters with it on cycle...daa or one of those with pct...imo daa 3 g day after last dose of for the creatine, people will tell u diff wont hurt you if u take it while on, but why not save it for pct to help maintain your strength gains u running sd now, running it solo, saving creatine for making great for pct, you will need a serm most importantly..I prefer clomid 75/50/50/25 (that works for me) along with ur daa, or tribulus ( whatever one u choose) and an ai like erase...again this is my opinion and what doses and assist supps i use....oh and get cycle assist or organ shield for cycle assist and run those through pct also....

  5. Ok so run it solo and I am 31.

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  6. I would run it solo..specially if this is your first or second personally, i dnt stack methyls, strong enough by them self..but if you really wna run it with something else, I'm sure somebody else will help you out in that dept ha...i have several cycles under my belt, but just run everything solo....

  7. the blind leading the blind. smh.... is google broken? hmmm....

  8. Well maby so I have had trouble finding any info on this stuff. That why I came here.

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  9. Type the nomenclature into a google search bar.

    Is it from dragon?

  10. LULZ you did exactly what i said not to do in your thread in the supp section. The information is out there, don't be lazy.

    Step 1: pull head from ass
    Step 2: search for information
    Step 3: use said information to formulate a cycle
    Step 4: now ask us a question

  11. This doesn't really seem like a good first PH cycle, just my 0.02. What's your training history and diet like?


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