1. SD $ CA

    Should I run cycle assist with my SD cycle? I'm planning on running liv.52 as well.

  2. SD is a really harsh ph.. its real cycle assist+liv52 and if you really want to be safe you could also run AEGIS

    i would also preload 2weeks with cycle assist

  3. I've ran a cycle with, and a cycle without. Both felt exactly the same and my values were the same after. It's still comforting to run supports though, but it can drive the price of the cycle up a lot

  4. yes, use both.

    i'll use liver assist xt along with cycle assist works feel better than without.

  5. I would definitely recommend Cycle Assist with SD. In PCT i would probably continue with SNS Liver Assist xt as well

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  6. Sounds good. Thanks

    Is it ok to ask about liquid clo doseage?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by cainb96
    Sounds good. Thanks

    Is it ok to ask about liquid clo doseage?
    1ml should be 50mg, just use 50mg for 4 weeks.

  8. One more question, should I dose the 10mg right before my workout and when I go up to 20mg should I split them up to morning and evening?


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