Test E + Hdrol

  1. Test E + Hdrol

    Hey guys,

    How would this combo work out? Because I'm very acne sensitive, I would like to stay away from DHT's.

    I was thinking

    Week 1-10/12 - Test E 500mg
    Last 6 weeks - H-drol 100mg

    The reason I end with Hdrol and dont start with it is because I can see how acne will be on my first Test cycle.


    edit: I hear mixed opinions on wether to jab test every 5 days or just every week, what is your view on this?

  2. anyone?

  3. Personally I'd start the h-drol off first. The test-e is gonna take about 4 weeks to really kick in, and being the impatient type, I wanna get that "on" feeling as quickly as possible. Plus, I feel the following 6 weeks of test-e will help solidify the gains made from the h-drol. Cutting out all anabolics at the very end will make it difficult to keep all your gains.
    Having said that, pin twice a week @250mg. I pin every 84 hours (3.5 days). I'm currently on week 5 of my first test-e cycle, and started my cycle with dymethazine and m-lmg. The gains were exciting from the orals, and now my injectable is kicking in. It's like getting that "on" feeling twice! It's an awesome feeling. Good luck with what you decide to do.

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