what should i run next?

  1. what should i run next?

    so far ive only done an hdrol cycle and im in my 3rd week of dmz-15. i'm not really seeing the gains i expected from the dmz only up 5 lbs and strength is only slightly higher. although i just bumped from 30 to 45 mgs yesterday so hopefully that will help. i plan on using torem after i finish this cycle and then taking 3 months off. just wondering what would be good to run after those months off considering my cycle history. Here's what i have in stock.

    3 bottles SD-10(Superdrol)
    1 Bottle original super DMZ (Superdrol & dymethazine)
    1 bottle nutraclipse Raptor (superdrol& dymethazine)
    3 bottles Stano-200 (stanodrol)
    1 more bottle of dmz-15(dymethazine)
    2 bottles Super DMZ 2.0

    hoping to lean bulk gain a good 10-13 lbs while increasing strength and vascularity. Thanks guys

  2. Up the dose a little. I liked super DMZ. But works differently for everyone

  3. Dimethazine and stano for 6 weeks.
    Dimethazine 30/30/30/45/45/45
    Stano 600 throughout
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