SD/lmg stack question

  1. SD/lmg stack question

    Looking to stack lmg and SD soon. Only wanna run SD for 2 weeks and lmg for 5. Question is, would it be better to run SD during the first 2 weeks of lmg or the last 2? I'm leaning towards the last 2. Opinions?

  2. man up and run sd for atleast 4 weeks

  3. Can't handle SD for that long. I seem to catch a bad cold during week 3, its happened a few times. I wish I could though. 2 weeks usually yields about 10 pounds for me and i hold on to most of it.

  4. Too difficult a question guys?

  5. Too stupid of a cycle.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Too stupid of a cycle.
    agreed.. pick another compound that u can run for a reasonable amount of ttime

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam
    Too stupid of a cycle.

    Try running the SD at a lower dose (e.g. 10mg) and see if that yields any difference. I'd switch the LMG out with some Stano.

  8. Thx rhadam. Awesome advice. I'll try 10 a day, sounds fair.

  9. Lol run whatever you want. But when you make threads and ask for advice, be prepared for the brutal truth (at least if i post).

  10. Sounded more of an opinion. Do you have any evidence or experience with it? Or just a thought of it being "stupid"? Why is it stupid? Curious question.


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