how long do you wait to decide if your dose is too low?

  1. how long do you wait to decide if your dose is too low?

    I started a mild cycle 2 weeks ago of test cyp.
    week 1 @ 1000mg and week 2 600mg and will stay at 600mg till the end. (12 weeks)
    I have done heavier cycles in the past, but since its been 2 years without AAS I figured I can
    start low again. should i give this another week at 600 and see what results i get or should I move up
    to 700 or 800mg. usually by the second week I woould have gained some water weight but
    that isnt happening this time.

    Im not stacking this with anything, its a test only cycle. will finish with IgF-1lr3 into PCT.


  2. i wouldn't move up, you should still be able to gain at 600mg
    at least wait until week 4 if you're going to bump up


  3. thats whati was thinking too. I dont WANT to increase the dose, but I dont
    want to waste any time with a dose that is too low. that would be lost product
    and this stuff isnt easy to come by. I was more or less trying get opinions from
    people as to how you all monitor your cycles, and adjust doses according to progress.
    I hope that made sense.

  4. 2 weeks sounds too early to gauge effects of a longer ester such as cyp. like glen said, give it to about week 4, if you're not noticing anything then, the gear is either underdosed or fake. JMO

  5. with cyp - i would say 5 - but what the hell do i know...

  6. i agree with beelzebub. if you can't notice anything from 600mg/week of test WITH frontloading, than you've got bunk gear.


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