Getting bloodwork- questions

  1. Getting bloodwork- questions

    Hey Guys, its been a while since i last had bloodwork done to check my test levels and so on.

    finished pct about 3-4 weeks ago from a low dose 12wk test e cycle, havent lost any strength and my body feels back to normal so i want to go get some bllodwork done as i have had dramas in the past with gyno and want to make sure he tests me for all the right things as i have read that they wont also test you for the right things if you dont ask.

    So im after some advice on what to test for, im guessing my test & estrogen levels, free test, thyroid, cortisol

    is there anything else or what is the norm to ask for

    Appreciate the feed back!

  2. Go look at the sticky, not being a jerk its just a cheap way to get your bloods done.

  3. Yeah i did have a read but im in Australia so its probably easier just going to see a doc and getting my referal.

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