please help with my friends test 500 cycle

  1. please help with my friends test 500 cycle

    Hey guys my friend has took some test 250 recently and lost most of his gains right after and i know it was bc lack of knowledge on pct and stuff bc i asked him what all hes taking with it and for pct and he said milk thistle!!! And now he has got some test 500 and i dont wanna see him mess hisself up he said hes gonna dose 1ml 2x per week. Idk too much about this stuff, all i have researched on is prohormones and i know its similiar but not the same so if you guys could help out i would really appreciatep it.

  2. Tell your friend to stop. Tell him to make an account on here ask around and do research and lots of it. Not just an hour or two but weeks of not months learning until he can define every part of a cycle and why he's using it. Make sure he knows that he can **** up his body for life if he isn't smart about it. Gear is no where near ph's my man. Tell him to stop or he will lose his gains and prob be on trt his whole life

  3. Buy him an AI and some Nolva.

    Hand it to him and then slap him in the face

  4. Using a SERM, or anything for PCT for that matter, doesn't mean you'll solidify gains.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam
    Using a SERM, or anything for PCT for that matter, doesn't mean you'll solidify gains.
    No, but it's better than free-balling it

  6. Friend eh? Weird how he doesn't post. Tell him to not use until he understands let alone even needs to use it

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  7. Seriously it is my friend i told him about the site and he said he didnt really find anything i just smh and said at the very least you need to take a serm like nolva or clomid but i made this so i could see what i need to tell him he really needs to take or hes gonna screw hisself up bc hes gonna take it either way i just wanna help him out

  8. if you wanna hel him out, then buy him a bra


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