How long after First Injection will it show in Blood Test?

  1. How long after First Injection will it show in Blood Test?

    First cycle in about 13 years or so now, and much has changed.
    ITs all UGL stuff out there now. Ive never done this, but I was thinking of going to get blood work done to see if this stuff is legit I have.
    Im only 2 1/2 weeks in so far so I dont know if thats long enough.
    Im not really expecting to see strength gains for antoher week or two.
    using 500mg test, 300mas, and 300 deca split into twice a week injects.

  2. I'd say couple weeks to a month?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lexmuscle View Post
    I'd say couple weeks to a month?
    is that for sure to register on blood test? or a guess?
    I just dont wanna waste time going for a blood test that wont be accurate cause I didnt wait long enough.
    I would think once its in your system its in there and blood test will detect it, but I have nothing to back that up, just what Im thinking.

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