1. Finasteride

    I am buying 500 mg of finasteride and don't know how I should go about making a solution. Should I just disolve it in alcohol? I plan on it lasting about 325 days at 1.5 mg/day.

  2. A little help, please? I'm new to homebrewing.

  3. Hey dude sorry nobody is helping you out.
    Merry Christmas Yall

  4. make sure you have a very accurate scale first, then finasteride powder dissolves very easily in alcohol. just have to do a little math

  5. thanks

  6. Hey I just decided to buy the 500 mg of powder since I just found out the online pharmacy I was going to order the tablets from is in India. I don't really want to risk getting into trouble for importing a prescription medication.

    Since finasteride usually comes in a tablet form can't you just swallow the powder and not make it into a solution?

  7. i doubt you have a scale accurate enough. make a large batch and make it into a solution.

  8. Thanks for the info Vette. I take it my scale which is down to .1 of a gram isn't accurate enough?

    I am glad I saw it before I ordered.

    I changed my mind and just ordered their aqueous solution, it comes out to only about a couple more dollars a month and I don't have to mess with the home brew as I am already bogged down with converting other stuff .

  9. good call imo

    the way i did it was i got 2 grams about 2 years ago (for a 6 yr supply), paid the extra $100 to lab test my large batch, and then knew exactly the concentration i had it at Glad i did it too cause i shot for 5mg/ml and came out to be 6.5mg/ml! Still a fraction of paying out the ass for either proscar or propecia


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