Closest Thing to Katanadrol

  1. Closest Thing to Katanadrol

    Now that Katana has been banned, what is the closest thing to it as far as the effects it has.

    I ran it at 350/mg per day and stacked it with Epi one time and ran it solo another. I got ridiculously shredded going from 10% BF to about 7-8% with proper diet and cardio on cycle. On top of leaning out, I held my body weight by gaining some LBM while dropping the body fat.

    I am looking for something similar that is mild like fura and katana were. I have access to some injectables like Test-C, but I don't want to blow up, I want to lean out further and maintain if not gain more LBM.

  2. Stano or Androhard would probably be closest.
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  3. Epi/Stano would be a good cycle.

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