Hard Rock Supps M1-D

  1. Hard Rock Supps M1-D

    Just bought a couple bottles of M1-D and wanting to stack it with something. Most have gone with Epistane. I want to run it for 5 weeks, just looking for some advice on this bulk cycle. Got off Megadrol about 5 months ago, saw great results, since the superdrol ban haven't done a PH. Let me know!

  2. Stack it with superdrol.

  3. I stacked with Dzine, i think my m14add dose was around 120mg daily, i liked the results.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b
    Stack it with superdrol.
    How would you run the SD with it? All 5 weeks or start with SD and taper off ?

  5. Thinking going m1-d 90/120/120/120/60 SD 10/10/10



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