How long for Methyl1,4Addiol to kick in

  1. How long for Methyl1,4Addiol to kick in

    I have been talking to people from various sites for a definitive answer on this and no one seems to have one. How long should it take for this stuff to kick in? Since it converts to D-bol, some say that it should definitely kick in by the 4th day (I know kids who take D-bol, and yes, they gain about 5lbs in the first 4 days). Others say is kicks in after two or three weeks. I am going to do a 4 week cycle of this stuff at 90mg a day. So if it takes a while to kick in, I may buy more.

  2. Seemed to hit me around the 2 week mark. That was at 120mg/day.

  3. I would use 120 mg/day and go from there.From what Iv
    seen is that it dosnt bloat me as much as dbol does.

    If your really want to see anything drastic you need more than
    90mg.Next time I run this im gona start at 150mg and go from there.

    I was talking to the biggest kid in my gym and I asked how much dbol he
    takes/day and I was shocked when he told me 4 25mg tabs with a straight

    This kid is a freaking beast.

  4. I know a kid who takes 10 5mg of D-bol a day. But 100mg a day? He he going to destroy his liver. So I guess what you are saying is that I should buy 2 bottles of 90 pills @30mg each. That is expensive.

  5. SJA--how much were you taking? For how long? How much did you gain?

  6. Expensive? It's not that bad. Around 20-25 a bottle, so you are looking at 40-50 dollars. Or you could always buy the powder for 6.50 a gram.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    Expensive? It's not that bad. Around 20-25 a bottle, so you are looking at 40-50 dollars. Or you could always buy the powder for 6.50 a gram.
    Yea and most places have the 30mg caps so you would only need like 1 or 2 more caps a day to run your cycle.

  8. Mine kicked in at 2 weeks. I did 90mg ED and worked very well. However, I was about 160 lbs at the time.

  9. Agreed, it was sometime in week 2 that it really starting kicking...and that was at 175mg/day

  10. kicked in from day 3-4 for me.

  11. How much were you taking maui?

  12. I thought the whole point of M14 was as a kickstart. if it takes ~2weeks to kick in. Why bother?

  13. I don't beleive it was ever considered as a kick starter. It takes about 2 weeks to kick in, and the cycle, imo, should be about 6 weeks for best results. M1T, again imo, would be more of a kick starter if stacking with other compounds.

  14. Dang, I only bought 1 90x30mg Tub

    I was only planning on using it for 20days @ 90-150mg a day

  15. I think 2 bottles would be needed for a decent cycle. However, if you are virgin to using compounds such as this, you may see good results from a low dose cycle. Especially if stacked with some 1-test. Or, if you're allergic to 1-test, like I am, then stacked with some 1AD.

  16. It would indeed be my 1st cycle. The proposed plan was:

    200mg 1T weeks 1-8
    300mg 4AD weeks 1-8
    M14ADD weeks 1-3 @90-120mg a day
    150mg 3alpha 1-8(to reduce bloat) or weeks 5-8 M5AA @ 100mg a day

    May just sell the m14 to someone and use M5 1-2 and 5-8 weeks.

  17. First off, I believe I read a past post where you said you're going to wait until the proper age to do a cycle. I know you've been doing a lot of research here.

    For the cycle you laid out, I would kick the M1,4ADD like you suggested. You should do fine with the 1-test and 4AD. The addition of M5AA sounds like a good plan.

  18. I am indeed planning on waiting until the correct age. My Hormones are in the freezer as we speak

  19. I noticed the effects in about 3-4 days @150mg ED. The massive bloating was the first thing I noticed, the strength gains and good feelings came soon after. I'm actually going to start pushing my dose into the 180-210 range just to see how that treats me.

  20. I wanted to use m1,4add as a kickstart. I've done it before at 120mg ed, with decent results.

    I have 7 g or raw powder left. Should I do 2, 4 week 125mg ed kickstarts or one 5-6 week 180-200mg ed cycle, along with say 1,4add?

    The kickstart sounded great. But I forgot it actually only kicked in week 2 for me too.
  21. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Use it for the long cycle...mine just kicked in not long ago and the first thing I noticed was the flush of water retention but my strength is very nice right now so it is a fair trade off. I think most members here make too much of the water retention thing anyway.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Kachinsky
    SJA--how much were you taking? For how long? How much did you gain?

    I started at 90mg (first week) then went to 120mg and ended my cycle at 160mg (final week).

    I was taking it for 4 weeks stacked with S1+ (homebrew). I've used S1+ many times and can say without a doubt that M14ADD contributed to my gains. I ran it with 4AD just to see how "wet" it really is.

    I gained 26 pounds. Now don't get all giddee about that and order a paycheck's worth of M14ADD. I had just come off an extreme leanout (went from 205 to 170 and held it for 5 weeks prior to bulking) so I was going to rebound anyway. I just used the PH's to accellerate my gains. Usually when I rubberband my weight like this, I get much stronger and break my PR's. But this time I absolutely crushed them on almost all lifts. I contribute this to the M14ADD.

    Post cycle I lost 6 pounds of water weight. I would normally lose 4 with the 4AD so I did, in fact, add some extra water from this compound. Hope this helps.


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