1. Epi/Tren/M-LMG/DMZ...

    So I'm looking in to doing another PH cycle and I've found some good options...I don't intend on running all 4 of those compounds together, but I was just looking for some input from anyone who has had experience with any combination of these. I'm looking to do a pretty heavy bulk, and my diet would obviously accommodate. I have Dermacrine, DAA, Erase, Nolvadex, and a fair share of liver support. I'm 5'10 and 190lbs right now at around 9% BF. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

  2. Plus I'd run some tren with a test base out of all

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  3. I ran a DMZ cycle a while ago. The day I stopped the cycle I felt like ****. Pct wasn't fun but I loved it while I was on it. Felt like a beast and had some nice gains. Very lean and at times explosive vasculature. Unfortunately I don have access to anything pinnable, so orals for me until I find a source. Def liked DMZ though.

  4. Lhns2 - I might be able to get my hands on Test E and run it at 500 for 12 weeks, so that could be a possibility.

    Exian - What'd you run the DMZ at? I've seen it anywhere from 15mg-30mg, but the one I was looking at was 25mg.

  5. I ran super-DMZ at 30/30/30/30. Worked great for me. DMZ might be hard to find now adays though with the recent Superdrol ban .

  6. I have found it, so it's just the matter of ordering now...What gains did you see?

  7. I had about 8lbs of lean muscle. Pct was rough for me though. I felt awesome while I was on it though. I felt so good about myself. Just all around good mood. I added about 25lbs to my bench. Almost 100to leg press. Prob could have had better gains but I tore my rotator cuff the last week of my cycle and that ****ed things up for me.

  8. Alright thanks for the info, I'll have to highly consider it as a part of my cycle. All of these are tempting to run
  9. DMZ and M-LMG for me

    I'm currently on a Test E cycle @ 500 a week, along with dymethazine/m-lmg combo. I use Phorce by Phantom Labs and love it. Phorce contains 15mg DMZ and 30mg m-lmg per capsule. I had done a cycle of this stuff without the test before and loved it. So when I finally got my hands on some injectables, I knew I'd want to include Phorce as well. I run the DMZ at 30/30/45/45/45/45, and I buy an extra bottle of M-LMG so I can run it at 85/110/140/140/140/140. Recovery is AMAZING on m-lmg. I feel as if I can lift 7 days straight, and have to force myself to take a day off. I workout 6 days a week and bench,squat, and deadlift twice a week.
    I understand some people may have a problem with progestins, and m-lmg is supposedly notorious for gyno, but I've never had a problem. I use formasurge (formestane) at 200mg a day, and I haven't had any estrogen or progesterone related problems from the Test E or the m-lmg. My stamina is crazy on all of the compounds combined. I hammer out multiple heavy sets, and feel like I can lift all day. I leave the gym pumped and excited for the next session. I am in the middle of week 5 of a 12 week cycle, and I get sad when I think about PCT because I know how much I'm going to miss this feeling!

  10. The Ph0rce is the one that I was actually looking at, but if I wasn't able run the Test E, I might end up throwing in either the Tren or the Epistane...My body has not ever given me reactions to progestins(knock on wood), so I am more lenient when it comes to things like Max-LMG or other compounds that are notorious for gyno.

  11. If you're torn between tren and epi for a bulk you should pick tren. You will be able to pound down all sorts of calories and build muscle instead of fat. And it makes you hungry as hell.
    Epi isn't a great choice for bulking.
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  12. I've run Tren before so I know that I respond well to it. It's looking like the cycle could be Tren/Max-LMG/DMZ


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