Any die hard Topical Dermacrine users out there?

  1. Im interested and i might add i to my upcoming cycle.. I hope it would keep some fat off during my bulk
    Quality gains come with determination, dedication, self-discipline, effort... and GoD (Gallons of Drugs)

  2. I always use dermacrine on cycle. Makes the cycles always run so much cleaner. I bet anyone who has ran a 6 week cycle without and then one with it can tell a huge difference.

  3. It should arrive Friday for me I will start on a cut Monday.

  4. im intrested in the liquid demacrine PP use to have!i was actually was trying to find it a couple days ago and they are no more=(

    could demacrine also be stacked with hdrol?

  5. Dermacrine and Hdrol work great together. I preferred the cream over the liquid version of it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MattPorter
    For anyone who has used Topical Dermacrine with great success either as a stand-alone or combined on cycle, please let me know your level of interest in keeping this product around?Anyone interested in this product Matt
    Interested former user right here. I also have a bottle on hand for my cycle starting in a few days! I would like to get another considering I only have enough for 4 weeks and wanna run 6 weeks.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by liftin4fun View Post
    Dermacrine and Hdrol work great together. I preferred the cream over the liquid version of it.
    what about Dermacrine with MDROL?is it ok?

  8. I sent in an email and never got a response. Thanks!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pracata View Post
    what about Dermacrine with MDROL?is it ok?
    Yes, you can pretty much stack it with anything



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