Bulk and Pre-contest cycle

  1. Bulk and Pre-contest cycle

    Heres is what i have come up with. Right now i'm 30
    weeks out from the contest. Weeks 24-14 bulk style
    cycle. Consists of 600mg/week of Upjohn Test-Cyp 24-14
    m1.4add 150/day weeks 24-20, Ergopharms anadroil 300
    select @900/day weeks 20-14. then 2 weeks off then
    cutting begins with m-dien @18mg/day wk12-8 then
    m4hon @40/day wk8-4 then MDHT @125/day wk4-1.
    How does this look. My ? is i'll be on all these hormones
    for 24 weeks basically and thought that it's alittle long.
    should i run the bulker sooner allow 4 weeks pct or would
    it even matter and not worry about it. please let know.

  2. just outta curiosity if you have access to test, why are you using m14add when you could just use dbol
    and what is anadroil 300? i'm not familiar with it

  3. It's Ergopharms version of oral 4ad. By the way Glen looking good in your Avatar.

  4. Thats what i have left is test. My source quit the game. So I have 20 vials of the stuff. As far as the 300 stuff i think
    its 1,4add which from what i read converts to Equipose. Now i may do the Superdrol instead of the m1,4add. But i
    wanted to get some opions on this cycle is it too long to be on adrogens or will it be fine with proper PCT or should
    there be a break in the middle of it.

  5. They don't sell 14add, it's either this http://www.1fast400.com/?products_****96, or their 19-nor.


  6. I would cut before 14 weeks out.

    What is your BF now?

  7. BF now is 8%. Now with this bulk it will be a very lean bulk.
    So you have to consider that too. I'm just worried that there
    too close together without a break.

  8. Yea that it. Pretty much the same thing correct.

  9. Do you have access to HCG? if not, 24weeks is waaaay too long.

  10. No. Thats what i'm worried about. So what should I do. Start

    the bulk now do that for 8 weeks then go off for about 6-8 weeks
    then the cut which will put @ about 14 weeks for that.

  11. best possible scenario is if you had growth you could run a 12 week bulker, then run growth and igf-1 and maybe some clen and t3, your nuts would get a brake with the growth and igf and you would keep your mass while leaning out very well

  12. See I really don't need to gain that much more weight so i was
    thinking of maybe just doing 4 weeks of m1,4add or Superdrol
    w/14add don't use the test at all. gain 10 pounds then just
    try and maintain that weight till the cutter.

  13. I not really worried about the bulker too much. But i would like

    to run maybe a small one. But I want to run the cutter.

  14. You are 30 weeks out now correct?

    maybe start now, run the bulker for 8 weeks W/ 1Test/4AD/5AA/M14ADD whatever
    4 weeks PCT
    6 weeks off

    This makes you 12 weeks out

    Start Cutter w/ Test-cyp @ 500-600mg a week for 12 weeks
    Weeks 12-6 MOHN, 40-50mg a day
    weeks 4-0 MDHT, 100mg or M5AA @100-200mg a day
    PCT starts 1-2 weeks after the last shot

  15. That looks good. Any more ideas.

  16. If you have enough, frontload the Cyps in he 1st week.

    You could also run DNP for a few 2-3 week cycles.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    It's Ergopharms version of oral 4ad. By the way Glen looking good in your Avatar.
    Ergo's Androdiol is just oral 4ad. Why would you bother with 4ad when you are already using test? 4ad converts to test & has terrible oral bioavailability.


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