Red Devil Lye

  1. Red Devil Lye

    Any ideas on the purity of the red devil lye (NaOh) from local hardware and grocery stores?  I've read that it is the preferred method for obtaining NaOh, but in other places, I have read that the purity of it is often unknown and not held to the same standards. 



  2. I assume its pretty pure, but I don't think the purity of the sodium hydroxide really matters too much, as adding it to formulas is generally done to simply adjust the pH level of the substance. So you see, its not too important, just that you add enough to get the pH level right. Here are some places you can order pure NaOh online.

    Vegan Soapworks

    Chems 4 U

  3. Nice price on that vegam website..very nice

  4. I you used NaOH when disolving synovex you remove the ester correct. If that is what you want it's ok then. What else would you use NaOH for if not that? Just curious mostly.

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