Help please, Small lump 7 weeks after test e delt shot????

  1. Help please, Small lump 7 weeks after test e delt shot????

    Sorry this is long Im just looking for suggestions from anyone who has gone through something similar. Okay so this was my fifth cycle this consisted of 250 mgs shot twice a week. I always go for my glutes but decided to do my delts on like week 12 of the cycle to change it up. I did my left delt with no problems a little swollen but went away in a week but my right delt blew up instantly. I went all the way in with an 1 1/2 needle (big shoulders) my left went fine like i side but my right delt is has a inch wide and 3 inch length lump going down my mid delt. Its only noticeable when the muscle is contracted!! I of course went to my doc and told him straight up what i did. He ruled out cyst, infection etc. Sent me for an ultrasound which i just came back from 5 minutes ago. The guy on the ultrasound didnt see anything alarming. I told him what happened and he was clueless. Hes sending my regular doc the ultrasound pics which he should get in 48 hours. But has anyone here gone through anything like this? I havent worked out my delts in 7 weeks so the lump is going down but thats because my deltoids are going down. Any help would be appreciated, these 48 hours are going to feel like 48 weeks.

  2. I've been trying to find the answer to that myself I am 3 weeks in and the first week my left delt was sore as hell and got red due to virgin muscle to test E iv'e done prop on my last cycle. Then I pinned my right deltoid it was fine until 2 days later it got sore and theres a lump on now. Had this lump for almost 2 weeks now, you can see it when I raise my arms it pops out.

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