First PH to use??

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bigpepespunch

    ah yeah cheers, i went with Halo extreme after reading up on both
    good luck mate..hope you'll have a nice cycle...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by edje007 View Post
    good luck mate..hope you'll have a nice cycle...
    Cheers mate, just cant wait for my Halo and Nolva to arrive.

  3. Hi again guys, il cut to the chase, i seem to have been messed around over my halo extreme and would liek to know is the pro halo as good as halo extreme?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bigpepespunch View Post
    Thanks mate. Would just milk thistle and orange triad be ok as cycle support ?
    You can get a cheaper multi but as you wish.

    Get omega-3 and hawthorn berry too.

  5. Hi guys just waiting on my halo to arrive. Having done further research into hdrol, it seems that it only really takes effect after 4 weeks, is it safe for me to run an 8 week cycle of halo as my first cycle? Thanks

  6. Right guys, my stuff is finally here. Here is what i will run.

    I havent pre loaded on anything.


    Hdrol - 50/50/75/75
    Orange Triad
    Cod Liver oil
    Milk Thistle
    Hawthorne Berry


    Nolva and a test booster.

    Not running it till monday so any alterations or advice would be appreciated. Thnaks


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