Test Prop Blast

  1. Test Prop Blast

    I just got me a fair amount of test prop enough for about 6 months, Im currently running test E&C at 500 mgs a week also deca and some orals. I was thinking if i should use the test prop and blast for a big time bulk during the winter injectsions would be E2D

  2. go for it. log it

  3. Ight Well Stats:
    202: lbs
    16-17% bf
    Training 3 years
    Cycle now:
    Week: 1-4 d-bol 40 mgs Ed
    Test whole year @ 500 mgs
    Right now blasting with Deca 300 mgs+Havoc+Diselbolan
    Adding test prop at 100 mgs EOD
    Going to use Beastdrol later
    OTC supps:
    -Slin sane
    -Argenine, Carnitine, vit B6
    4500-5000 cals depending on day
    Routine (works for Me)
    Tue: delts in am/ chest+tris pm
    Wed: legs
    Repeat +sunday off

  4. so ur curently on a blast? y dont finish it cruise again for a while then blast again with the prop and beastdrol

  5. im going to run beast like a week or right after disel, **** my liver (gonna regret it)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Borispili View Post
    im going to run beast like a week or right after disel, **** my liver (gonna regret it)
    then i guess a little more test couldnt hurt hahaha do it up


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