hi guys,

i have 2 x 20ml vials of sustanon 250 and there are 2 different ways i could run this. i can run a dose of 500mg for upto 20wks on a 10ml vial, however probably cut it short to 14 wks by doing 1ml for the last 3 weeks. or use both vials and use 1ml wkly and can up it to 1.5 to cut short the cycle.

however if only 1 vial is used, can save the other for another cycle.

pinning for me is weekly not eod, due to scar tissue and hating pinning and also i dont think it is worth the tiiny bit of prop in sust wen majority of it is the longer lasting easter. on top of this, sustanon wasnt made to be ****ing pin every other day. just my opinion. (i know y though, stable blood levels, make the most of prop)

alot of ppl are saying doing 500mg is good, but it doesnt make sense when ppl are saying you need two vials of this **** to have a proper cycle, confuse the **** out of me unless im missing something. cause you can run a cycle up to 16wks max, according to professionals.

i also have to say that when ppl say they feel sustanon on their forth week, have you ever thought that they only used one easter(enanthate) cause its more ****ing expensive to make sustanon? lol

anyways guys can have your say, im still learning everyday about this ****.