Gyno question

  1. Gyno question

    I have a quick question on gyno.If someone was to experience symptoms of gyno while on a steroid cycle,is it best to start nolvadex or similar and continue cycle or quit cycle and start pct?Thanks

  2. Bumped this fellas as I really can't get an answer anywhere.Thanks

  3. there is def info out there regarding your question so you obviously didn't look to hard but imo I would use a pharm grade ai if I started seeing signs of gyno

  4. What symptoms? Personally, if I was getting swollen/painful under/around the nipple, I would start tamoxifen at 20mg a day and exemestane at 12.5mg eod until it subsided and then likely discontinue SERM and continue low dose AI. Supposing we are taking about a long cycle of test but you did not say anything about what kind of cycle so ...

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