Temazapam/Restoril Interactions with oral steroids?

  1. Temazapam/Restoril Interactions with oral steroids?

    Currently on temazapam/restoril sleep aid due to insomnia. I dont use it on weekends. It is classified as a benzo.

    It says not to take it with alcohol because alcohol can effect how long it takes the body to clear out the drug, its only supposed to stay with you 7-8 hours.

    Anyway, my question is what impact may oral steroids have on this. Does temazapam stress the liver on its own? would the increased liver stress from any oral steroid make it more difficult for the body to clear out the temazapam similar to alcohol? Has anyone used this medication with oral steroids and can elaborate? Thanks for any info anyone has.


  2. hi i take them now and again when i need to, everytime ive had liver function tests my bloods are normal. Im running Test E 250ml e5d and i have no worries But thats pin not oral so i cant be certain in your case but i hope it helps a little lol

  3. sorry 4got to mention that it was temazepam i take now and then when needed

  4. how often do you take it?



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