First time pinning

  1. First time pinning

    SO ive done several PH cycles sucessfully and am actually wrappin up one right now.

    Im finishing off an epistane/cynostane cycle

    I was talkin to my supplier and we were going over what ive ran and if its time for me to move onto pinning. && i think i want to give it a go.

    However he was telling me i should take sustanon 250 but i wanted to ask here what everyone thinks i should start with
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  2. Probably should have mentioned these stats

    22yrs old

    Goals- want to gain strength and size.
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  3. I'd probably just start with test e or test cyp. Not a lot of pinning, and you'll ease in to hitting the right sites.

  4. trenbolone. 500mg/week w/ 40/40/40/40 SD kickstart! OHH YEAA

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DelaRone View Post
    trenbolone. 500mg/week w/ 40/40/40/40 SD kickstart! OHH YEAA
    hahahaha yes. That's definitely what you should do.

    But really, just start with Test E/C. Pinning all the time is not what you're going to want to do for your first cycle, keeping it at twice a week will be beneficial because soreness from pinning the first few times is inevitable.

  6. Ok so if i do Test E/C what PH should i run along with it
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  7. SD goes very nicely with test
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.

  8. Yeah but after the ban.. Wonder how hard itll be to get my hands on sd
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by djmikeyspikes
    Yeah but after the ban.. Wonder how hard itll be to get my hands on sd
    Can't be much harder than all of the other class III's being mentioned.


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