Questions about stocking up for a first timer...

  1. Questions about stocking up for a first timer...

    I am thinking about stocking up on some s1+, I've read good things about it, but im not sure of how long that stuff will last. I'm 19.5 right now so I have a little over a year before I'm 21 and will try using it. Is s1+ good for a first time user and how long do you think the shelf life is on it? Or should I just stock up on some 1test or 1ad and some 4ad powder and make my own transdermal later on or pop it in some caps, which ever i decide... Sorry if these quesitons have been answered, I have read about people stocking up, but now for a first time user. Thanks for any help...

  2. btw, i just want to make sure that nolva will still be around and isnt going anywhere with the ban, i dont see why it would since its not a ph. Just making sure. Also a little background info about me,

    I'm 6'1" 192 lbs, bulking up to 205 before feb.
    I have been lifting for 3 years, 2 seriously

  3. nolva will always be around, don't worry bout that. It's not getting banned anytime soon.

  4. powders might to be the best idea. 1test and 4ad is a good stack. I think I read that you chould store ph for two or 3 yrs. store in cool dry place. and nolva will be around.

  5. Zachs, you will probably want to check out my article in Mind& tomorrow. It should answer a lot of questions you might have. Also, feel free to join the discussion to which the article will be linked.

  6. thanks guys, i appreciate the help. Keep em coming... Also what do you guys think about s1+ for a beginner?

  7. S1+ is a great choice for a beginner.

  8. strategos, how long do you think the shelf life is on s1+? long enough to keep for a year or so?

  9. Yeah, no problem, a year at least.


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