Newbie Pinning questions

  1. Newbie Pinning questions

    1. What would be the thinnest gauge to use for Sustanon/Deca-Durabolin injections so I can get a nice long, slow 30 second injection with minimal scar tissue?
    2. What is the maximum amount you pin into one place? Can you draw from one bottle of Sus and then from another of Deca then pin them both?
    3. If you draw back and you see blood (you hit a vain) do you just inject it somewhere else with the blood?

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    1. Depends more on the oil than it does the steroid. 25g is a good size if you want to go slow. Be sure to draw with something bigger though or it will take forever.
    2. 3mL is a good rule of thumb for most of the body (quads, butt mostly). 2mL in shoulders, calves, chest, etc. but that is a general rule of thumb. And yes, you can mix gear.
    3. It's your own blood. Inject somewhere else with the blood in it.
    That's why I gave the steroid names, what drawing size should I use? If I order from amazon is there any chance for problems with customs?

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