day 11 on dymethazine. not seeing the size gains i expected.

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    day 11 on dymethazine. not seeing the size gains i expected.

    i'm on day 11 of dmz-15. so far my weight has fluctuated. probably water weight. i'm only up 2 lbs. i was up 5 a few days ago. like i said probably water flucuation. i have noticed increased density and vascularity and strength endurance and recovery is gradually increasing. i was just hoping to see more gains in lean size. should I

    1. up the dosage from 30 to 45?
    2. Run SD-10 (superdrol) for the last 20 days of the cycle
    3. wait it out maybe it just hasn't fully kicked in yet?

    any advice much appreciated

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    You mention nothing about diet. You know you have to eat to gain weight, right?
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    Probably food. That was my problem on my first cycle I think. Eat more.

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