3 tren esters = a mess?, help!

  1. 3 tren esters = a mess?, help!

    damn a friend just came in the morning to show me his tren wich is a mix of 3 esters:

    1.- 50 mgs tren ace

    2.- 50 mgs tren e

    3.- and 50 mgs of tren hexa-whatever

    I said, "wow, why dont you stick with tren ace, if it fks you up you just drop it and thats it" he said, "this is what i have"

    now i really dont know about the third ester... and i told him fkn 1000 times that he should drop that and run tren ace, i really have no idea how to dose his tren?!?!?! guy wont listen, ive tried, and he wont listen, hes using that tren and if i dont help him he would ask for help somewhere else....

    So, the best thing i can think of is that he pins that tren 3 times per week (EOD) because of the ace.... or, that he pins half ml EOD (but im not sure if that would be enough)

    he will use 250 mgs of test as a base.

    I think this is a mess, but i really want to help him, any inputs?

  2. Tren hex is a longer ester than enanthate, just tell him to pin EoD that way he'll get 375mg of tren per-week which is a nice dose to begin with (equivalent to 50mg/ED of tren-ace which is the usual "first timer tren cycle")

    Sure if he gets side effects they'll stick around for a while, can't help him with that one except for a few things (I.E for some people they find that asprin, benedryl and some other pharmaceuticals lessen tren side effects)

  3. I'd have him sell that nonsense and buy tren ace.

  4. Tren ace or tren e, no tri-tren blends.... Much easier to dose and easier to keep hormone levels relatively even so you will notice less sides

  5. Tren anything is delicious.

    Tell him to send it to me ill dispose of that garbage properly.



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