bad batch of M1t?

  1. bad batch of M1t?

    Hey guys----a lot of people were asking me to post the batch # of my underground lab's m1t bottles after viewing my thread "WHY IS m1t NOT WORKING FOR ME." Here it is....

    Lot# E01515
    Exp 08/07

    People were saying that there was a bad batch of ug's m1t going around, is this the bad batch?

  2. have you emailed ug about this i have 12 bottles..lot#e01391,exp 07/07 all the same.

  3. no, I have not e-mailed ug

  4. Kelsey posted something on the 1fast M1T review board to this effect (assuming it is the same person who goes by that name here.)

    I had good results from UG, but this was many months ago.

  5. Sorry i have the batch before that.



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