To Epi or not to Epi?

  1. To Epi or not to Epi?

    Hello everyone here is my dilemma, I have been out of the gym seriously for about 3 years. I used to be in great shape (5ft 9", 230lbs, 9-10%bf), then slimmed down for rugby speed (5ft 9", 185lbs, 6-7%bf) and then over the following three years let myself go (currently 5ft 9", 215lbs, about 15-20%bf). I started to go to the gym again about a month ago and have been going 3-4 times per week (every session has 20-45min cardio depending on the time I get there). A few months ago I began cardio and some lifting along with a solid diet and was able to reduce my weight from 245lbs to 215lbs.

    My strength and figure are starting to slowly return (still pretty strong, inclined 205 today for reps easily but used to do 315 so I feel a bit like a puss), but I am debating about 'jump starting' my muscle memory with some epi-10 (LGI) I picked up. Now, I only bought 1 bottle which would allow enough for a lower dose (30mg) for the duration of 30 days. I am not really looking to pack on 10lbs of muscle and shred 10% of bf or whatever with this cycle (I think that would be unrealistic), but I would like to get muscle memory back and maybe shed a few bf points in the process, anything in addition to this would be a bonus.

    I know all about PCT support and on-cycle support, I have done 1 cycle of SD in the past and 1 cycle of low dose winny tabs in the past (real winny, not PH bull). Winny was 4 week cycle, SD was 4 week cycle (both with proper pct and on-cycle support).

    I am 26 years old, haven't done SD in about 4-5 years and winny in about 3-4 years. Loved the SD but I feel like it is overkill for jump starting memory, I want to save it (got some stocked away) until I reach my potential again (thinking maybe next spring or summer?). No more access to winny but it was amazing for me (other than dry joints which were pretty bad).

    So bottom line, should I try to gain memory back naturally with a few more months of exercise, or should I take the epi and jump start it?

    Thanks everyone, any questions for me let me know

  2. Hey bud, try going natty for awhile. It'll show results pretty fast Cus you know your shot and have been there! Save the Epi for later.

  3. Thats the direction I was leaning, but it's so tempting when its right here... anyone else have an opinion that is either the same or different than thyrod?

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