Hey so a couple years back I got duped into buy this stuff from Complete nutrition and it has been sitting in my cupboard for awhile now. I have never even opened it because I was young and stupid and looked it up after I got it. Anyways. I paid for it and now I am wondering since I have more experience with PH's if I should bother trying this stuff or just toss it.

What I got is called Epi-cynodrone and super nova. Basically it is an epi/cyno clone and sdrol clone. The epi-cynodrone has 10mg epi and 10 mg cyno in a single capsule and the the supernova has 10mg of sdrol. Both have "support" blend in them as well. I have done some other cycles started with derm and then did an AH/AL cycle, AH/AM cycle and h-drol.

Expert opinion on if I should both with this or toss it and get something more reputable. Also, since it has been sitting in my cupboard for a couple years, would it even be good anymore? If you think I should use it up what dossing? Cause I sure as hell am not running S-drol for 8 weeks at 30mg/day like they suggested. Thanks for the advice.

PS also have a bottle of AndroHard V3 left from previous order. If you don't suggest using the above or even if you do what would you suggest stacking with the AH?