Has anybody here mega-dosed trenavar?

  1. Has anybody here mega-dosed trenavar?

    I think I wanna give it a spin. Last time I ran it I was not impressed until I hit 120mg per day. At that point I noticed some decent strength increases and some lean mass with a bit of leaning out but not much.

    I know people respond differently to it and some people love it at 60mg per day but personally I felt nothing at all until I hit 100.

    Thinking of adding in 4 weeks of tvar at the end of the 4 week SD run I want to do soon. I'd like to try running it at 200mg per day.

    Come at me bros. What u think? Am I mentally challenged or am I gon' get ****in shredded?!!!!

  2. 90mg ED and barely felt anything.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. I liked it at 60-90mg.

    It was nicer to me than pro DIENOLONE, but also not as potent.

    But then again, ams dienodrone was in 50mg caps, sooo....

    Mentabolan instead.
    Olympus labs super pct, don't cycle without it. It's the best IMO. Get some an you'll be glad you did Olympus labs rep

  4. Some guys get great results at 60-90mg. Other does over 120 and only mediocre results. It seems like some people have more of the enzymes needed to convert this to trenbolone. I'd suggest if you don't get good results at 120mg, move on to something else.

  5. What are good doses for this for a 6 weeker? (Solo)


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