About a year ago i cycled 1 bottle Finaflex Andro and then their PCT bottle. Then I got over zealous about all my gains and cut the PCT short and jumped on 2 bottles of a PH by British Anabolics and skipped the PCT. Yes I know skipping the PCT was not a good idea. I did all of this without all the knowledge i know about cycles now. Then a few weeks after I finished those 2 bottles of British Anabolics I jumped on 2 Bottles of FinaFlex 550 XD. And ran their PCT bottle for a month. After I finished all of that I stayed off any PHs for 6 months and then after those months passed I ran a 6 week cycle of Turinabol and ran a PCT for a month and a half. I always noticed that I had puffy nipples that showed through my shirt and never really payed attention to it. I always became very lathargic and was always sleeping the whole day. I then started doing research on why I was so tired and it was due to an imbalance of my estrogen/testosterone levels. Then i always heard about guys in the gym talking about Gyno. So i did research on it and noticed that I had some of the symptoms. I had what I self diagnosed as the "water test" nipples where when I get really cold or hot my nipples contract and look normal. I also noticed that I had a little soreness if I pressed on my nipples. I then asked what I should take and I ran a bottle of Liquid Nova at 1ml a day for 50 days. The soreness went away but the last few days on the bottle my right nipple flared up and felt as if it was swollen and was sensitive to lightly touching it. and I think i feel a small bump just below my nipple so I ordered 4 bags of letro. I have been on letro for the past 4 days. I want to taper up .5mg/1/1.5/2/2.5. I was just wondering if I could get some feed back on tapering the letro. So far my right nipple isnt sensitive and isnt feeling swollen.