Bad injection? please help

  1. Bad injection? please help

    i started my 6th of test e 500mg last night. When i injected it kinda hurt a but but i put it all the way in, i than aspirated and no blood so injected the test than i became light headed and my ears rang for almost 5 minutes. There was no coughing and i had no blood when i pulled the syringe out. Today i have no pain or soreness in my quad and i usually have a little bit at least. Was this injection wasted and gone somewhere else? Or was i just light headed and ears rang because i hot netvous after that bit of pain?

  2. ... wut? Where else would it have gone lol? You're not always going to have soreness, especially when it's a big muscle group. You can pin a glute lets say, not hit muscle, and still be fine. Just will take a while to get in your system.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    ... wut? Where else would it have gone lol?.
    enjoyed this.

  4. Your fine
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