what recommended supplements for Epi cycle?

  1. what recommended supplements for Epi cycle?

    So i'm planning on running an Epi cycle for my next cycle; planning on running Havoc for 4-6 weeks. I've done a bunch of research but have a few questions that I was looking for peoples' opinion on. I'm looking into using two products form purus labs and was wondering what you all would think about them. Specifically i'm looking at purus labs - organ shield for liver support and d-pol for an adjunct to PCT.

    D-pol has the DAA, but it also has a few ingredients that may be beneficial on cycle. Would it be worth taking d-pol throughout the cycle? or just saving it for PCT and use it like a standard DAA PCT.

    Is purus labs - organ shield enough liver support for an epistane cycle? or would you recommend another product like liver juice, or cycle support etc...?

    I'm planning on using liquid clomid as the SERM for PCT. Possibly tamoxifen because it is selective to breast tissue, and one of my fears is gyno. But i know epistane has a low potential to aromatize so I may stick to clomid for this cycle.

    I'm also torn between what Aromatase inhibitor to use; Erase-pro, E-Control, or liquid Anastrozole? Anastrozole is a little harder to find, but it's a little stronger than the others correct? I know lots of people use erase, but how does it compare to e-control or anastrozole (arimidex)? I'm leaning towards erase-pro because of popularity...

    So basically i'm thinking of something like this (i didn't add the weekly dosages because i haven't decided yet).

    on cycle:
    Epi - Havoc
    Purus labs - Organ shield (unless another product is preferable)
    Multivitamin, Glucomamine, Fish oil
    Food Food Food, and Protein...

    Clomid (with a loading dose)
    AI- Erase-pro (or E-Control, or maybe Anastrozole (arimidex))??
    DAA - Purus labs - D-Pol? (or maybe just DAA if d-pol has bad reviews for PCT use)
    also continued use of vitamin supplements and creatine.

    What do you guys think? are the purus labs products enough liver protection and a good PCT supplement? What AI would you prefer?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

  2. Gyno is the LAST thing you have to worry about with EPI, EPI is actually sometimes used to treat estrogenic issues.

    As far as supports, i can't comment on Purus products, but i can say that CEL Cycle Assist is very comprehensive. Solid formula, effacious dosages of the ingredients. DAA is fantastic to run during PCT. I'd probably use Nolva over Clomid but that's just personal preference. I also don't see a need for an AI anywhere during or after an EPI cycle. But that depends on time on and dosages used. Regardless, your SERM will cover you post EPI. If you really are worried, pick up Aromasin or Arimidex.

  3. Would erase suffice? It's easier to find so I'm jw if it's worth it or if I really should stick with aromasin?

  4. Well, you should be able to get: letro, arimidex, aromasin, from wherever you bought your SERM. As far as OTC vs Pharma... it's a tough call sometimes. Erase v1 is a very good product, the suicide inhibitor is strong. Your pharma AI will be stronger, but pharma grade comes with possible side effects and long term health issues. Now, the health issues are reported in those patients who use for years on end for cancer issues, but, there is always a chance for issues to pop up later in life for us.

    Honestly, i just don't see a reason to be worried for EPI. But if you want, grab some Erase v1 and it will be fine. It's always best to be prepared instead of your nipples hurting and being puffy and you not having any type of AI on hand. I always have a bottle of arimidex or aromasin in my freezer, not to mention a few random SERMs.

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