anabolic and androgenic ratios..knowlegable PH users please help

  1. anabolic and androgenic ratios..knowlegable PH users please help

    Many people that understand PH's to a great degree should be able to help on this one. This may seem like somewhat of a dumb question but i've wondered this for some time and have never been completely sure. Lets take super DMZ 2.0 for example. it contains 2 strong compounds, methylstenbolone and dimethazine. Methylstenbolone has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 660/170 and dimethazine- 210/95. Since both of these compounds are being stacked into one pill are you..

    1. Getting the anabolic results of the compound that is more anabolic? Methylsten-660
    2. Getting the anabolic results of the average of the two compounds? 435
    3. Gettting the anabolic results of both compounds together?- 870

    same for the androgenic ratios. lets say your stacking epistane (androgenic-95) and halodrol(androgenic-28)

    1. are you losing more androgenic activity by adding the halodrol to epistane?
    2. Does adding the low androgenic profile of halodrol two a moderately androgenic compound like epistane increase the chance of estrogenic accumulation and lower the overall DHT levels that act as a strong estrogen antagonist?
    3. As long as the epistane is with your system no matter what you stack it with are you still getting the full androgenic effects as if you were to just take epistane solo?

    thanks guys.

  2. why do you care so much? man, you are really thinking too much.

    no to all of your questions.

    when using mutiple compounds, you are getting the benifits of the compounds being used. the goal in stacking is to create a synergistic effect, thereby needing less of both compounds to hopefully get more.

    when stacking you want to combing compounds that will make up where another is lacking.

  3. Additionally, stacking compounds will cause binding to different receptors. For example you don't want to do two compound that compete at the same receptor hints wasting gear

  4. What compounds are best stacked together then ? Stuff like Epi and tren or hdrol and androhard ?

  5. there is only one type of androgen receptor, thats the androgen receptor.

  6. i believe some steroids just bind more tightly(strongly to the AR) versus others like methandrostenolone gets most of its effects from nitrogen retention rather than by binding strongly but still is an awesome bulking steroid. correct me if im wrong jbry
    Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    there is only one type of androgen receptor, thats the androgen receptor.

  7. no, you're right, and what determines an aas binding affinity for the ar is it's structure.


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