16 weeks of prop

  1. 16 weeks of prop

    Hello, I need some help. 1st my stats:
    34 yr
    204 lbs
    Bf - 12%
    I ran test prop at 400mg wk and tren ace for 300mg a wk for 8 weeks, then have been running 600mg a week of prop starting at week 9. I am now on week 15 and was wondering if i can go to 16 weeks? My recover is set up pretty well and i have been taking an ai and hcg on cycle. Recovery will be clomid at 100mg for 1st week then 3 weeks at 50, also gonna run daa and some ant cortisols. Picked up a suide receptop killer as well. Can i run just prop for even longer or i have to stop? I love this stuff...should my recovery be longer since i ran it for so long? And hiw long do i have to wait before i start again? Is 3 mos long enough? Thanks for the help!

  2. the longer you run it..the harder its going to be to recover from. but 16wks is ok imo...you are probably really shut down anyhow due to the tren..so recovery is going to be slower..either which way.

  3. Sure you can run it for 20 weeks if you want, but suggest 6 week pct for any cycle over 8 weeks, why you say, why not

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