5mg or 10mg of dianabol ONLY a day cycle?

  1. 5mg or 10mg of dianabol ONLY a day cycle?

    Ok so was thinking of trying it out and seeing the results, could go either of twos ways..

    5 of 10mg of dbol prior to going gym (which is mainly around 2pm)

    first way - It could be great where i get the benefits of dianabol but the dosage is so low that i dont get sides or shutdown, perfect scenario

    second way - it could be where i get shutdown and sides and the dosage is so low i hardly get any benefit from taking it , and yet suffer and the usual side effects of steroids, in which case may have ran a proper cycle

    any opinions on this? anyone tried something similar?


  2. "just take plain steroids"

    Troll else where..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Stroke UR Ego
    "just take plain steroids"

    Troll else where..
    Quote Originally Posted by Level9Germ
    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  4. people are so friendly

  5. Im interested in this also, I have been reading about the old Russian Olympic team doing something similar.
    I have been thinking about doing 10mg straight or pulse 3x week with 20mg.

    It might sound strange to some on this board but everybody don't "have" to get bigger than everybody else...

  6. Add test

  7. Do it, see how you like it.

    I'm sure it will be nice.

  8. "plain steroids" got a shout-out? thats a nice retro post reference LMFAO

  9. but it probably wouldn't be a bad thing, might end up being a good thing....provided you don't shut yourself down and/or don't get any type of bloat or estrogen related sides. with the low dosing and WO days only, I don't think you'd get these type sides though....finding the right dosage to reap benefits w/o sides/shutdown would be the trick....

  10. dbol side effects are way overrated. I know this 72 lb kid is just trolling but for anyone interested I'd say run at least 20mgs of some good stuff and you will see results and no sides.

  11. Anyone with less than 10 post is trolling

  12. actually i just set up an account today just to get a some opinions on this, and i never realised the weight was in lbs and not kgs! so i thought we might get an educated discussion on the subject rather then roid enraged juice heads abusing each other or posting seemingly smart remarks about how we are "*****s" for caring about side effects, shutdown or anything else in life other then being muscley and huge.


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