4 weeks into HDROL cycle and a few questions...

  1. 4 weeks into HDROL cycle and a few questions...

    Gents -

    I'm starting the 4th week of my Iron Labs Halo XT cycle (50/75/75/75/75/75) and have a few concerns / questions.

    My temper has started getting real short. I've always taken St John's Wort (for what it's worth) but it's almost frustrating for me at this point in time. I don't want to come off as an *******, especially to my GF and close friends but it's happening. I almost feel the need to have a few drinks to settle down at times. Any ideas? This doesn't happen when I'm not cycling. Should I consider a run of 50mg in week 5?

    For my PCT I have Nolva, which I plan on running 20/20/10/10 but I also have a bottle of PCT assist and Recycle. From what I've read, PCT assist should run the 4 weeks as recommended from the bottle and Recycle @ 0/0/3/2/2/1. Does that confirm an alright PCT?

    My sides have been very mild besides the temper. No back pumps, no acne, and great gains. Packed on close to 5 pounds so far and all lifts increasing. My lying tricep extensions has went up 25 lbs somehow... which in my opinion is pretty significant.

  2. You should be fine with your temper. I think it's in your head. Continue with planned dosages. Run nolva 20/20/20/20, pct assist at recommended, and recycle at 6 caps a day 3am/3pm

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