Testosterone levels and anxiety

  1. Testosterone levels and anxiety

    I just got some blood work back today and found that my total test levels are 478 with free test at 2.1 I'm only 30yo and would like to see my total t levels at 650 and up. I've been dealing with stress and anger issues since I was a child and feel this may be whacking my hormone levels. Assuming I can get the anxiety under control, would it be possible to raise my t levels to the 650 and up range. If so, how long would it take to do this, generally speaking.

  2. There is nothing wrong with high 400's T levels...especially without a baseline from a few years ago to see if you were ever higher.

    For comparison, I'm lucky to be high 200s, and prior to this layoff due to a herniated disc, maintained 185lbs at 5'11 sub 10% bf and feel good, so it is all subjective.

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  3. Yes it's possible. Do a light cycle of an AI. Activate frees up free test also.

  4. FYI, increased test can exacerbate anxiety, any manipulation to hormone levels can it just depends on the individual

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