Getting 1,4-Andro into solution

  1. Getting 1,4-Andro into solution

    I've been able to find that 1,4 Andro goes into solution with PEG-400 and have found tons of info on putting M1,4-ADD into solution, but I haven't been able to find what concentrations people have been getting with 1,4-Andro.

    I'd prefer to use olive oil, though with supplementation close to a gram a day being pretty standard, perhaps PEG (if not capping) would be the best alternative. I mean, with doses close to a gram a day, you could measure it out with each serving with decent accuracy. Still, I'd be curious to see what concentrations of 1,4-andro you all achieved in solution/supsension.
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  2. *subscribes*
    I too will be dosing it 1g without suspending, yes, but i'm interested on making a solution

  3. i think has some info on suspending powder for "real" oral solutions.

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