Hey everyone! Lets get to it without wasting time shall we?

28yo, Training 10yrs, 210, 15%BF, 3rd cycle (W/This one), Tried Test and Tren > Also EQ but it was some left over from my buddy for 2 weeks worth NOT really far into it to get results.

How does this look?

wk 1-16 Test E at 500mg a wk
wk 1-14 EQ at 400mg a wk
wk 3-12 Tren E at 400mg a wk
wk 4-16 HCG 250ius 2x a wk
wk 4-16 caber 0.5mg 2x a wk


wk 18-21 Clomid at 100/100/50/50
wk 18-21 Tribulus 2x a day or whatever dosage it recommends.

>Should I add Nolva EoD 20mg in case? I did well just with clomid the last time I ran pct with Test and Tren<

Thats it! Please let me know whether to bump up the mg per wk or how would you do this cycle? I am running this cycle bc I have been advised from a pro bodybuilder to get on this one with my goals I had in mind. Did not give me specifics so now I am here getting your input :-) THANKS YOU GUYS!

OH! I am planing to run in November so mean time gonna get everything I need ready!