How long after PCT should I get bloodwork? -

How long after PCT should I get bloodwork?

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    Question How long after PCT should I get bloodwork?

    I just finished my PCT from a 6 week epistane cycle
    epi was run at 30,30,40,40,50,50
    pct was torem 120,90,60,30 + aromasin 12.5,9,6,3
    AI cycle
    SO my question is... How long should I wait until I get my bloodwork?
    Do I need to continue running cycle supports for any length of time before getting bloodwork?

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    Not sure but besure to post your results. Very interested.
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    Well if PCT accomplished its intended purpose, you would be fine getting blood work immediately after the cycle or a few weeks later, something like that. If you are recovered you are recovered, if not then the low test #'s will inform you that you need to try again.

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