About to start Tren/epi cycle 6 weeks. any advice?

  1. About to start Tren/epi cycle 6 weeks. any advice?

    Here's what the cycle will be

    150mg through entire cycle

    40mg through entire cycle

    Pct will be clomid.along with other supps like.cycle support, p5p, joint support etc.

    Any advice on this cycle? Thanks in advanced

  2. take your support supps throughout cycle and preload them don't just take them in pct

  3. Yes I will be taking all my support supps except clomid during the cycle. Thanks. Anything else?

  4. maybe have some inhibit-p on hand incase prolactin levels go up. I used prami when I did the same cycle and it helped. you can possibly up the havoc if you are willing as well.

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