Hormonal changes in the body causing stretch marks?

  1. Hormonal changes in the body causing stretch marks?

    Recently learning about how hormonal changes in the body can actually cause stretch marks rather than just the stretching of skin. Your hormones actually inhibit your body from producing elastin for the time being. My stretch marks only came when I was on a tren cycle. I also received other side effects like gyno/acne etc. and didn't feel like screwing around with that stuff anymore. It wasn't that I used it improperly, I am just very estrogen sensitive and seem to have great luck with steroidal products! Ever since then I've been satisfied with the results from natty test cycles like DAA/Erase etc...Anyways, my point is, can the use of steroids or designer steroids (ph's) cause you to get stretch marks?

  2. well just asume that study was completely false for a second (i have no idea how true it is). but even if it was false, the steroids will make you grow faster than normally possible,that alone will make you grow stretch marks

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