Ultradrol, cutting cycle short due to gains have stopped

  1. Ultradrol, cutting cycle short due to gains have stopped

    Ok, trying again. Shorter question

    I have done a few cycels over the years, some with serm pct, some with just otc pct. Bloodwork from all after pct showed recovery. Only time I had libido issues was with nolva. No real gyno issues,Never gained much on the cycles, but then again, lost almost nothing either.
    Most gains always came the first 2 weeks of all cycles, strength however climbed all the way through pct and never really lost much of them either.

    Currently 16 days into a ultradrol cycle. Wondering about cutting it short after a 4-5lbs gains, and do another in a few months...
    Weight has not moved up since day 12. Strength still climbs though. Started with 8, went up to 12mg, no real difference, so went back to 8mg.

    Should I stick to it until 4 weeks, increase dose, or can I stop now and get away with minimal pct? If Ultradrol is very suppressive, and I need a full serm pct, I might just as well go on. So far no signs of shutdown, or sides, but still might be shutdown like a busted crackhouse for all I know :-)

    anyone with experience with pct for 2 week burst cycles?

  2. This is desactly what im thinking of doing, since i live in australia where its almost impossible to get a serm unless u go to the doctor with signs of gyno, im thinking about doing 4 week quick cycles i never heard anything about shutdowns with ultra either, i got a really strong anti e erase, anti cortisol, and 90% steroidal saponins and daa at hand too assist, anything else i should add?

    i always say the same to people, ultradrol works fast so thats 1 week off ur average cycle lengh, and mst gains stop by week 4 some peopel have the gaisn by week 3, but whats the point of going into 5-6 when people only get an extra 5lbs + all the sides when you can cut it short be safe and cycle again later..

    what do you think?

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