Ok guys this is my second cycle and I just want to make sure I got everything covered. First off I will be using stuff from a year old cycle and mixing it with new stuff, I cant find anything wrong with it but if someone has something different to say, lemme hear it.

2 weeks pre-cycle through PCT:
CEL Cycle assist
Fish Oil

LGI Epi: 40/40/40/45/55/55
RS-Transaderm pumps: 4/4/6/6/6/6
LGI: Stano: 0/0/0/600/800/800

Nolvadex: 40/30/20/20
HGC generate: 5/5/5/5
Erase: need feedback, i forgot what I did last time.

I have 48 Nova pills at 10mg so I think im going to need some more. Can someone PM me some places with reliable stuff. I know listing sources is not allowed so if PMing them isnt either just ignore it.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!