Ok so I got some powder dbol, aromasin, and nolvadex. I had fully intended on capping them so I got a capping machine and caps and the whole nine yards. Then I realized that I had no idea about mixing fillers or whether or not my doses were accurate. So I ha the thought to just put my 25 mg dose in each cap individually and then goin in and topping them off with the filler it I very quickly realized that this would take forever. So my question is, can somebody tell or show me the quickest, easiest, and most accurate to cap and dose these?

  2. Any help at all guys... Like I really need some help/ advice on this
  3. Unbreakable
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    1.5g in 58.5ml of oil or alcohol aka: suspension

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  4. does that work for all of them? i thought nolva doesnt suspend well at all? at least not in any of the lower weight PEGs or alcohol

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