New Acne treatments

  1. New Acne treatments

    I have had acne for several years now--it is particularly bad when my test levels are highest as you all probably know.
    Right now I am on Retin A and amoxicillin. It works ok, although I dont feel as good when I take amoxicillin. Could be placebo though.
    My libido is highest when I have acne unfortunately, and that is a correlation i would like to break.
    That being said, I have used accutane once before at a high dose, though it didnt work well.

    My goal is to have very high test levels and little to no acne.
    The only things I take that boost test are DHEA and magnesium. And lots of milk

    If any of you have suggestions on new treatments or ideas it would be much appreciated.

    On a side note I am curious about laser treatments and botox for acne.

    Thanks for your help

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  3. Why are you taking DHEA?

  4. Why have you created a duplicate thread?

    New Acne treatments



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